Photos really are oh so important - Don't you think?

I have always been in LOVE with Photography. I knew there was a good reason why!

1. Our photographs tell us what is important to us

When you ask people what possessions they would rescue from their burning house, one of the most frequent answers is a photograph album or a computer with all their digital images. Interesting, isn’t it? We would grab photos over valuable jewelry, even in moments of panic. This impulse to save our recorded memories is a powerful force, one that tells us much about the role of photography in our lives. We preserve the important events and people in our lives. The ceremonies of birth and birthdays, marriages and anniversaries, holidays and new houses are all recorded because they matter. Photographs are our personal story, a timeline of our lives filled with faces and places that we love. They are our story, which we can then share with others. Ultimately, the thousands of images we take come together to form a narrative of our lives.

2. Photographs are part of our legacy

Photographs matter because they freeze moments of our lives that pass and which often seem to have little importance to us at the time. The significance of a photo might not even be ours – instead, it might be for others who search for the person we once were or the places we once knew. Each photo can be a small piece of a jigsaw that completes the larger picture of our lives.

3. Photographs allow us to share and to communicate

Images are much more than a simple record. Photography speaks to the best and most generous part of our human nature – the desire to share what we find beautiful and interesting with others. You only have to look at the multitude of photo-sharing sites to see this impulse at work, where millions of people share their personal, passionate, and sometimes quirky take on the world around them. In other words, our images can share our lives with strangers. How powerful is that?

4. Photography makes us artists

Photography allows us to express ourselves through an art form. We notice a beautiful landscape or an old man’s lined face and we want to capture it. Each of us will have a different specific reason to take a photo, but we all want to create something. However uneventful so many of our working nine-to-five lives may be, the creation of an image makes us an artist. It feels good... so so good.

5. Photography is a complex language

Our images can express joy and sorrow, wonder and sympathy. Every human emotion can find a place in photography. For many years, I never valued my photographs of overcast landscapes, because I believed there was no beauty in a land with muted colors and a leaden sky. I wanted the land to be alive with color and vibrancy. However, the lack of color in a landscape makes you search for other things that often go unnoticed in bright sunlight. This could be the symmetry of hills or a tree standing out from a forest of thousands. I have been a quiet observer my whole life... noticing the little details or happenings around me. I often found to express to friends and family how I would be feeling on any certain day.

6. Photography has the power to move us

Photographs can grab our attention and speak directly to our emotions. Photography teaches us lessons about a whole range of emotions. Photography, at its best, is a powerful universal language that speaks to our emotions. It allows us to tell our story and shows others our framing of the world around us.

Interesting how powerful a photo really is, isn't it!

Now I’d love to know: Why do you take photos, post photos and share photos?

"Photographs are the universal language, speaking to the heart and drawing our attention to the fleeting moments of past and present"

Whole hearted ponderings by Mel.O xo