Why should I invest in a ‘Splash of Life’ session when there are cheaper options around?
Yep don’t worry I’d be asking that question myself.  Right now I could talk as a mum or a photographer, but they are so intertwined that both sides will be speaking at once. I have always loved photos… and I’ve always valued photos well and truly before I become a photographer. Becoming a mum has made me realise more than ever how beautiful the small moments are and how quickly our children grow up. Without taking out time to really focus on getting some photos, I found I just wouldn’t have time to take any…. well with me in them anyway. I had plenty of my children. I now realise how crazy precious photos are… they are a ticket back to a moment we will never get back and to exist in photos for my children is everything…. Seriously seeing photos of us together, sharing fun, intimate moments makes me so so HAPPY… in fact I hear my heart singing and fluttering when I do see them and one of my favourite things to do with my children is to look through all our photos together. Photos are a personal form of ART. My home is filled with photos of us… and its WONDERFUL! I can help get you that perfect piece of ART for your walls. 

….and well as the old saying goes you usually get what you pay for. I hope to make photography and products affordable to everyone whilst making sure I have time to make it a personal and intimate experience for all involved. All the products offered are products I have created or fell in love with myself first.. so I can only hope you love them too.

Simply there are so many options out there to choose from and that is a wonderful thing. For me it would come down to a style I love… have a look around our website and see if Splash of Life offers that sort of style that makes your heart sing!

Are there different payment options available?
Yes of course! I understand that good photography is an investment and often a luxury, one that I want to make accessible to all that have their heart set on having nice photos.

When is the best time to book our newborn session? 
It’s never too early! As soon as you’ve discovered you’re pregnant is the perfect time to contact me and pencil in your date.  The best time to have your BABY BELLY session is between 32 & 36 weeks of pregnancy and within bubs first 14 days for your newborn session, although the older they get, the more personality and defined looks develop so any age is wonderful to photograph. Of course we can work around your situation… they are just a recommendation from experience of what works best. 

What do we wear?
Don’t worry at all about this one.. Once you book your session I have some information to send you to help you sort out your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a hard one at all, but with a few tips, tricks and a guide you’ll be well on your way to feeling camera ready!

Which days and times of day are best for a session?
I offer midweek sessions and I can be pretty flexible most of the time.. I love my little family too and really love my time with them on the weekends, so I offer Saturday morning sessions but not much else for now. Unless of course we decide on a sunset session… then some Friday evenings are available also some other week night evenings also. I’d love to make your photo session possible so just get in contact and I’m sure we can work a date out that is perfect for the both of us.

For home sessions, usually mornings suit most as kids are at their freshest. For outdoor shoots, and hour or so before sunset is the most beautiful time to shoot, but if you’re after a studio session, they will be available again next year sometime when I have moved into our new home which will have a beautiful natural light studio in Ocean Grove, Victoria.

Any other questions just ask via email on info.splashoflife@gmail.com or through the ‘contact us’ tab here on our website

Love Mel xox