What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is perfect for people who prefer to show the natural beauty in real life. It requires a certain skill set beyond understanding your equipment and capturing images of people, just as it does for Wedding photography and Newborn Photography. My past 10 years experience with photographing Weddings, Newborns and Families in both studio and location settings has provided me with valuable opportunities to develop the skills required to produce good lifestyle photography.

Lifestyle is a modern style of photography that combines the best of two distinctly different traditions.  Lifestyle blends the candid nature of photojournalism with the preparedness of studio portraiture. We achieve ‘a day in the life’ look with an editorial quality.

Lifestyle photography presents many elements of the unknown for the photographer. A lifestyle photographer has to think on their feet and feel out the shoot to determine how to best organise it to produce photo worthy moments. Let’s be honest, not all real moments are images that translate well into photos. A lifestyle photographer knows how to produce art with the subjects, light and location that she is given.  There is arranging involved but not over-staging. If something looks too perfect, it does not come off as real.  Lifestyle photographers need to be able to get their subjects to relax and be themselves.

Another emphasis of lifestyle photography is to capture natural reactions/interactions between its subjects. After all, that energy is at the heart of what we want to remember about our life and relationships.

As a Lifestyle Photographer I keep it simple and inspire people to see their ordinary lives in the most extraordinary way.


Home has a special place in my heart, with the memories and the feeling of comfort, but most of all – the people.


That’s why I’ll come to you. You don’t need to bundle the kids in the car and worry about driving half way across town and packing a number of outfits each and toys to entertain the children.  Don’t worry about your house looking spotless; don’t worry about getting the kids to practise saying ‘cheese’ in the mirror.  Just let the kids know how much fun we are going to have and I’ll take it from there.

Tell me your favourite things to do – and that’s what we’ll do.

Love whispering sweet secrets in your kid’s ears? Go ahead

No better moment than lazing on the bed together reading stories? Can’t wait

Your little one has an obsession dressing up as superman? Let’s get that costume out!

Someone has suggested a tickle war on the big bed? Don’t walk – run!

I want to show you what a celebration of your family looks like. It’ll be so much fun.

Love MEL xo